Move Over,
Move Up, or Move On

Embedded in this captivating story about a struggling manager is an uplifting series of lessons from a new friend who lends a hand.

At a local watering hole, an affable business consultant looking to unwind after a long day at a professional retreat sits down next to a weary manager, who’s worried he’s about to be fired. A casual conversation transforms into thoughtful lessons on management, leadership, and self-improvement over dinners and draft beers. Over time, acquaintances turn into good friends.

Filled with essential advice, management fundamentals, and even some laughs, Move Over, Move Up, or Move on is the perfect book for people looking to expand their knowledge of tried-and-true leadership essentials.

Mover Over Book


David Cottrell

Author of Monday Morning Leadership

“Move Over, Move Up, or Move On is an engaging fable about someone just like you and me. Justin is at a defining moment in his career and reaches out to a mentor for sound and insightful direction. The short time spent reading Move Over might reward you for the rest of your life. Enjoy the story!”

Robert Hill

President, SCS Companies

“Bogie takes us on an exploration of transformational leadership. From the bar to the boardroom, his narrative guides us through self-discovery of the behaviors and techniques to find the leader hidden within. I recommend it for young, entry-level supervisors as much as seasoned executives trying to refocus on leadership.”

Richard C. Kelly

RC Kelly Law Associates, LLC

“Move Over, Move Up, or Move On is sage advice for aspiring managers and a good reminder of important concepts for management veterans. Quick, common-sense wisdom is shared while Bogie mentors Justin and Maya towards professional growth through awareness and attention to body, mind, and spirit. You’ll be glad you met Bogie!”